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Passion Glow Construction are passionate about our work and our strength lies in working as a team to engage with our clients and deliver first class customer service and the highest standards of excellence.

how we are different

How we are different 

  • Quality – we take at most care of every step to maintain quality 
  • We have a team of Civil engineers to track the work consistently.
  • Curing – we don’t compromise in curing slabs,columns,brick work and plastering.
  • We take videos and pics while curing and will be submitted to clients on a daily basis.
  • Decentring of slab will be done after 14 days only.
  • We have our own team of masons and laborers working for our projects and because of it quality of work is maintained.
  • We procure robo sand,20mm,40mm aggregate from RoboSilica company and not from local dealers.
  • High quality Karimnagar bricks are used ABS or VSB only.
  • We have inhouse architect for plans and elevations.
  • Mesh packing is done to prevent cracks.
  • Slab mats are used on the slab to prevent concrete leakages and formation of honey combs.
  • Good quality, on time delivery and budget friendly pricing is maintained.


Options are provided for each design project, understanding creativity and functionality are specific to each individual client. Our objective is to provide bespoke solutions, which fit within specified budgetary restraints.


Professional and Indemnity Public Liability Insurance cover all work undertaken by Glow Construction. In addition, we comply with stringent Health and Safety regulations, which is essential both to our clients and the safety of our workforce.

Qualified and Certified

As a company we are registered with the Federation is Small Businesses and our entire workforce holds the appropriate qualifications and certifications. Our electricians are NICEIC registered and our plumbers are Gas Safe Registered. Glow Construction pride ourselves on ensuring all certifications are current and in line with Government legislation.

Experienced Design Team

Our design team is very experienced and can offer a range of styles from contemporary to traditional, innovative or cutting edge design. They are fully conversant with current planning laws and their experience and expert advice allows clients to make informed choices about the design of the project. Their expertise ensures that each client can be confident about colour schemes, textures, choice of materials and accessories, which all contribute to the finished project being unique, innovative and finished to the highest standards.

Low Carbon Footprint

We are committed to having a low carbon footprint and this is reflected in all our projects, which are all energy efficient to minimise heating and living costs.

Minimal Iconvenience

We try to limit inconvenience to you, your neighbours and the local community, by responsible placement of skips, sensible scheduling of deliveries of building materials and keeping noise to a minimum.

Clean Handover

We know how important handover is and we pride ourselves on a project where everything gleams and sparkles on completion. Once all the dust, debris and disorder have gone, it’s just a matter of replacing furniture and enjoying your immaculate new living space.



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